Can We Help You?

Lenders.  Why take a borrower's word for it that his ten year old milling machine is worth $75,000 when an appraisal would verify it for the portfolio? The FDIC reports that banks don't always do a good enough job estimating value of hard asset collateral. Knowing the value minimizes risk. We can help simplify decision making and improve reliability and safety of your portfolio with Market Value and Liquidation Value appraisals. We specialize in SBA loan appraisals. We update existing appraisals for currency with ever changing markets.

Attorneys.  An accurate, independent appraisal helps your argument! A professional appraisal is a must for bankruptcies, foreclosures, mergers and acquisitions, business dissolutions, and probate. Our appraisers have all been accepted as expert witnesses in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Accountants.  Number crunching the per share par value isn't necessarily an accurate valuation! You need to know GAAP Fair Value when advising clients. How can you establish a basis for the value of "good will" when you don't know the Fair Value of the tangible assets? We can especially help with value allocation: appraising the value of tangible personal property sold along with real estate for establishing depreciation.

Insurers/Risk Managers.  Accurate, easy-to-understand appraisals are the cornerstone of sound risk management. An independent appraisal of the value of machinery & equipment and business and commercial assets eliminates relying on fuzzy recollections about what assets were worth before the disaster struck! We establish replacement cost values or actual cash values based on the current market and can keep them current through periodic updates.

Business Owners & Corporations.  Your banker might overlook or undervalue your tangible assets as collateral. Do you have any idea of the actual cash value of your capital equipment for insurance? How much should you expect to recover if you sold surplus assets at auction? Or be able to write off if you donated them? If a competitor or partner wants to buy you out, how would you decide on a price that will show the IRS that the machinery and equipment assets changed hands at a fair market value? We have the expertise to help.

Health Care Professionals. Health care is always changing! It always has. Politics and market forces have put health care through some big changes. If selling or buying a small medical practice how are you determining the value of the assets versus the good will? A supportable 'real world' appraisal of medical equipment is critical to a credible business valuation that can withstand IRS scrutiny when a practice is bought or sold. We have appraised equipment in hundreds of medical, and dental practices of all specialties as well as medical drug manufacturing and research laboratories.