What We Do

We appraise commercial-industrial-manufacturing machinery & equipment; earth moving equipment; business and commercial furniture, fixtures and equipment; commercial, manufacturing and retail inventories; small medical practice assets; restaurant and food processing equipment; IT and high tech assets; laboratory and test equipment, and other tangible personal property.

We value these assets in their most appropriate market levels according to the best fit for the client's requirements. For pre-loan or foreclosure purposes, for example, Lenders most likely need a liquidation, forced liquidation, or bulk sale valuation estimate. Attorneys and Accounting professionals may need a "fair market value" appraisal for IRS tax, donation, or value allocation for asset depreciation purposes. Business owners may require an 'in-place' valuation of assets to reflect the convenience of having all appraised assets in place and operating.

Our accredited appraisers are well qualified to render opinions of value for any requirement.

We do not appraise real estate, antiques and collectables, vintage cars, or intangible personal property such as trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, or business brand names.